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Who you should be promoting your business to

Who you should be promoting your business to

By Chris Haycock | 07 March 2022

Build a vision for your small business, and then go out and find customers who believe in your vision. It's really easy.

Well, that’s where you need to know where you want to be. It’s all about your positioning. If you’re doing nothing different and selling commodities, you’re competing head on with price alone and you won’t last long doing that. Your competition has been around a lot longer than you and will win hands down because you won’t be able to sustain aggressive marketing.

What you need to do is break into the industry in the smallest of areas just to get your foot in the door.

Here’s a really quick example:

Imagine your business is opening a pet store. There are already a couple of giant pet stores in your town and you want to open with less stock, higher prices and fewer support staff.

Not a good position. Let’s say you focus on dogs, cats and goldfish - you can move in with a personalised service, using a slogan like….

Your local pet store that feeds, waters, and exercises pets

In your store, you’ve experienced animal experts manning the floor, partnerships with local dog walkers who provide you with dietary details of the pets they take care of when their owners are away, and you’ve the local pet and house sitters providing a service.

You’d really be in a position to beat out the bigger competition because you’re in there at a local level, supporting and being involved within the community, and not as a corporate giant with employees that don’t give a darn about the company employing them. They’re only there for minimum wage.

You go in somewhere in the sector with something different than the rest. Find a space in your sector that no other firm is serving a need, or if they are, make sure they suck at it and then do the job a whole lot better and beat them on service. You’ll never win a price war. Service delivery is where it matters.

Build your vision for your business and then set about making it a reality. Doesn’t matter how big you shoot because you just break things down to manageable steps.


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Create your brand persona first and from there, you build on it.

Then create your business tagline/slogan. Choose the colours to represent what your brand stands for, and do the same with your company logo. Each of your marketing tools will be advertising your brand and much of that is determined by your position in the market.

Go small and completely dominate, then grow your business.


• Mission

• Value

• Vision

Get statements written down for each of those and give some serious thought to where you want to position your business. When you have the three statements crafted, then look at your marketing channels.

In any product promotion you’re advertising always keep your brand in mind because it’s what will make your brand memorable, which the vast majority of smaller sized businesses providing services and products aren’t doing.

Companies are memorable. Not the goods and services.


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