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The Raindeck

The 3-deck strategy to brainstorm and launch highly successful marketing campaigns.

Exclusive to members of The Rainmakers Club.

The Raindeck Layout

RRP: £285

Yours free when you sign up for our annual membership.

Brainstorm, plan & execute winning marketing campaigns.

Take your marketing by storm with The Raindeck, helping small business owners create successful marketing campaigns from start to finish - fast.

The Raindeck is a simple and extremely effective way to create professional marketing campaigns to increase customers, win sales, make greater profits and fulfil the ambitions for your business.

No matter if you're a one-man-band or a small business with a limited budget, The Raindeck allows you to compete with big companies, and even blow them out of the water.

What is The Raindeck?

Are you struggling to promote your business? Finding it difficult to reach and attract the best customers?
You need The Raindeck.

The Raindeck is a three-deck strategy to brainstorm, plan and execute brilliant marketing campaigns that gets results every time.

It allows you to brainstorm potential campaigns, and eliminate any that are too costly, too difficult, or too time consuming straight away before you waste time and money.

Who is it for?

The Raindeck is for all types of business owners. Plumbers, hairdressers, accountants, restaurants, nail technicians, tyre dealers, website designers, jewellery makers, butchers, landscape designers, bakers, dog groomers, window cleaners, engineers, kitchen fitters, carpenters...

Whatever your business, you can use The Raindeck to create successful sales and marketing campaigns from start to finish like a professional (and very expensive) sales and marketing consultant, even if you have little or no previous experience.

In fact, you are likely to surprise, and possibly amaze yourself at just how innovative you can be using The Raindeck!

Exclusive to The Rainmakers Club members

When you sign up for an annual membership of The Rainmakers Club you'll receive a FREE Raindeck to help you brainstorm and execute amazingly successful marketing campaigns. You can't buy The Raindeck anywhere else. We've made it exclusively for members of The Rainmakers Club, and will dispatch it to you by post as soon as you join.

If you sign up as a monthly member of The Rainmakers Club, we offer The Raindeck at a reduced price. Remember, this is not available anywhere else.

Raindeck Laid out on Table

Take control of your marketing

Whip out your Raindeck whenever you want to create a marketing campaign that gets results.

Coming up with fantastic campaign ideas has never been easier - or more effective. Simply select cards from each deck and lay them out in front of you to discover what campaigns are going to be the most effective for your time, budget, and audience.

The Raindeck includes all the following to make your campaigns a massive success:

  • 3 STRATEGY DECKS totalling 135 strategy cards that will help you brainstorm the perfect marketing campaign.
  • CAMPAIGN WORKSHEET to record your ideas, campaign progress and results for constant learning and growth.
  • LIGHTBULB MOMENT CARDS for when you come up with a brilliant idea of your own.
  • DRY WIPE PEN to jot down your fantastic ideas on the fully-wipable Lightbulb Moment and target market cards.

What makes The Raindeck so effective?

Simply because it’s a physical product, so when you use it, unlike a digital product, you get to use all your senses and you automatically become more aware, more focused, more sensitive to information and just so much more involved in the process.

To use a simple analogy, just supposing you are playing poker:

If you are playing face to face, you get to touch your cards, and that in itself is a stimulant. You get to hear the banter and pick up clues from it. You get to see people’s facial expressions and body language. You feel or sense the other player’s emotions. And as a result, all your senses are heightened, and your past experiences come to mind and help you in your decision-making process.

You don't experience most - if any - of those playing poker online.

And that is why we created The Raindeck as a physical product. And it’s only when you experience using it that you will truly appreciate it.

What is the Raindeck strategy?

The Raindeck consists of three sets of colour coded strategy cards PLUS a 5-Question Elimination Card that will enable you to easily and quickly create successful marketing campaigns.

Each Raindeck contains a whopping 138 cards!

Deck One




Define the purpose of your marketing campaign – precisely what you want to achieve.

Deck Two




Define the perfect target audience you want to market and sell to. Build your ideal customer persona.

Deck Three




Select the most appropriate promotional channels for the ultimate success of your campaign.

And then put it into action!

The concept is brilliantly simple. Just work through each deck (1-3) selecting the most appropriate cards.

Choose an objective card, a target market card, and suitable promotional channels to find out which are going to give you the biggest impact.

Once you've created your finished Raindeck, go through the promotional channel cards using the 5-Question Elimination Test to determine which channels are going to give you the best results for your campaign.

No more using guesswork to create to create marketing campaigns that you don't even know will work; The Raindeck makes it much easier for you.

Then, use the QR code to instantly download the accompanying worksheet, and launch your campaign.

You can do this on your own, or as part of a brainstorming session with your team if you have one, and in less than an hour of your time.

The Raindeck is designed to be used time and time again to brainstorm marketing campaigns and kickstart new ideas. It will help you devise winning strategies not just once, but for the life of your business.

You can also use The Raindeck to validate, tailor or identify what is missing from your existing marketing strategy, to really spark some creative ideas.

You don't need to be a marketing genius for this to be successful. In fact, you don't even really need any marketing experience. Any small business owner can pick up the Raindeck and create explosive marketing campaigns in a tenth of the time it would normally take.

Deck Three

Get started now
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Don't take our word for it

"This is without a doubt a system I would recommend to anyone who wants to come up with new ideas and campaigns to promote their services."

-- Conrad Hoe, MD Optimal Action Ltd.

"This is fantastic... amazing... to have something you can use as a visual to map marketing out, it's as simple as that!"

-- Jatinder Pahal, Big Fanta.

Wait... there's more!

Get access to 100s of campaign worksheets... FREE

Once you're ready to launch your campaign (thanks to The Raindeck), scan the QR Code on the promotional channel to download an accompanying worksheet direct to your device (smartphone, tablet, or PC).

These promotional channel worksheets give you more advice how to run the campaign, even if you have never tried it before. We'll show you how to plan and launch EVERY type of marketing campaign, from Pay-Per-Click to trade shows, affiliate programmes to magazine inserts.

Each promotional channel card in The Raindeck has an accompanying worksheet, so you can launch your campaign with zero hassle or skills.

These campaign worksheets are available to you only in The Rainmakers Club, even if you haven't got The Raindeck. So, no matter whether you sign up as a monthly or an annual member, you can download hundreds of campaign worksheets FREE, only inside The Rainmakers Club.

Raindeck Worksheet 79
Raindeck Worksheet 80
Raindeck Worksheet 81
Raindeck Worksheet 82


The Raindeck is exclusively available to members of The Rainmakers Club, and nowhere else.

Sign up with an annual membership today to get your Raindeck free as part of your membership to our sales & marketing growth club.

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