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Helping business owners attract more customers.

The Rainmakers Club is an exclusive members-only platform for small business owners who want to learn sales & marketing skills.

Not only will you arm yourself with valuable sales & marketing skills, you'll sell more products, scale your business to dizzying heights, make more money, and become more financially secure.

We'll turn you from a small business rookie into a GIANT.

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Helping small business owners

Sales & marketing skills you'll learn

Our goal is to teach you everything you need to know about Sales & Marketing to double, triple, or quadruple your sales and profits. We won't teach you academic stuff that you will never use; we only share skills that will benefit your business.

Here's what you'll learn when you join The Rainmakers Club:


Attract new customers and increase brand and product awareness.

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Stand out in a saturated market, and encourage word of mouth advertising.

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Techniques and skills that will grow your confidence and increase enquiries.

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Learn skills necessary for building great customer relationships.

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Understand what makes people buy, to improve your marketing efficiency.

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Learn persuasive skills that will turn readers into long-term customers.

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Retain high-profit customers and cultivate new leads, increasing profits.

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Attract and retain a steady stream of customers through digital channels.

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Learn how to pitch your products at their optimal price point to win sales.

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Identify opportunities for high-growth and compete more effectively.

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Learn how to network like a pro, and strengthen your business connections.

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Establish yourself as a expert who can solve customer's problems.

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Become an expert at getting your ideas and message across.

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Discover how to negotiate the best deals to grow sales and profits.

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Learn to use social channels to sell and promote products and services.

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Get more done in less time, and free up more time for YOU.

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... and more!

Learn sales & marketing skills

How much do you really know about sales & marketing?

Yes, small business owners, this is for you.

A little? Enough to get by. Just enough to get a few customers?

Unless you have a solid grasp of marketing, and how to win more sales, your business never reach its full potential.

Be honest. Imagine how many customers you've lost by not knowing enough about sales & marketing.

Bruce and I are heading towards the end of our careers in sales & marketing. Before we bow out gracefully, we wanted to share our knowledge with you so that you - the small business owner - can learn the skills to grow your business.

As long as you know the fundamentals of sales & marketing you'll see instant improvements to your sales - and profits. There's no need to become a professor of marketing. Anyone can learn enough to see real, tangible results in a very short timescale - even a matter of weeks.

W built The Rainmakers Club for small business owners to learn those skills. What we teach you will double, triple, or quadruple your sales.

So, you can either carry on and never reach your full potential, or you can dive into tutorials, worksheets, tools, downloads, and books to turn you into a sales & marketing giant.

What skills will I learn?

Hundreds of in-depth video tutorials, teaching you everything you need to know about Sales & Marketing. Delivered by esteemed experts Chris Haycock, Bruce King and guest experts, and designed to help your business succeed.

Like hiring your own Sales & Marketing Director

Joining The Rainmakers is like hiring an expert sales & marketing team. We give you advice, tactics and knowledge to plan and execute strategies that will grow your business.

Business giant Adobe found that 80% of business owners don’t have enough time or resources for marketing.

That’s astonishing, because sales & marketing is absolutely fundamental for any business to grow.

It doesn’t have to be this way for you. With The Rainmakers on your team, we’re going to ensure you get the strategies you need to grow your business, your sales, and your profits.

Resource Library

Our goal is to help you take your new sales & marketing skills, and turn it into more customers, more sales, and more profits.

We don't just give you those skills with our tutorials. We have hundreds of resources that enable you to go in-depth on hundreds of valuable topics, including social media, advertising, PR, and much more.

Download books written by The Rainmakers team, or print worksheets that you can follow as you're putting your skills into practice.

Get your marketing right first time with checklists designed to hold your hand as you're running campaigns, and download in-depth guides that will help you smash your goals.

The Raindeck

Only available to members of The Rainmakers Club

Are you struggling to promote your business? Finding it difficult to reach and attract the best customers? You need The Raindeck.

The Raindeck is a three-deck strategy to brainstorm, plan and execute brilliant marketing campaigns that gets results every time, even if you've never run a campaign before.

It allows you to brainstorm potential campaigns, and eliminate any that are too costly, too difficult, or too time consuming straight away before you waste time and money.

Use the Raindeck and create explosive marketing campaigns in a tenth of the time it would normally take.

Want to find out more about The Raindeck?

Actionable Goals

Progress towards becoming your very own sales & marketing Rainmaker

Some members have told us we're like the Netflix of Sales & Marketing. That's what we wanted to achieve.

However, we're not just a binge-watching platform. We don't just invite members onboard and then abandon them to get on with their own thing.

When you join The Rainmakers Club, you'll also have access to a roadmap towards your success. Our weekly goals are designed to hold your hand as you make your way from small business owner to sales & marketing GIANT.

Each week, we suggest a list of video tutorials, actions, downloads and resources to help you on your journey towards building a successful, profitable sales & marketing strategy.

Of course, you're free to use The Rainmakers Club just like Netflix. We know that many members will want to go from scratch, and follow a roadmap. Rest assured, we've got your back.

Marketing A-Z

Walk the walk, talk the talk.

You - like most business owners - are best at running your business, not talking about marketing buzzwords.

But unfortunately, our businesses demand that we know what we're talking about when discussing with others the intracacies of sales & marketing.

Introducing our new Marketing A-Z, which is the most comprehensive glossary of EVERYTHING to do with sales & marketing.

No longer do you have to struggle to understand sales & marketing jargon. We've got you covered.

Live Members-Only Events

Join in with our community of successful business owners.

Join in live with our regular events, which gives you direct access to communicate with The Rainmaker experts.

Our live events take place WITHIN The Rainmaker's Club website, rather than on Zoom or MS Teams, making it far more convenient for you.

Drop in and join us for one of our events, which include workshops, open topic sessions, POWER HOURS, networking events and seminars.

It's a great place for you to interact with the Rainmaker team and others who are also taking the same journey as you.

And there's more

Books, growth strategies, resource directories, tools, downloads, swipe files, worksheets, marketing templates, ad creators and so much more, to help your business make more profit from your sales & marketing campaigns.

Let's chat about it...

Schedule a no-obligation call with The Rainmakers Club team, tell us about your business and your biggest problem. We'll give you our advice and honest feedback if membership would work for you.

Helping businesses succeed for 50+ years