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Case Studies

The impact of The Rainmakers Club, as told by our members.

Our primary mission is to help small business owners boost their sales and marketing skills, enabling them to execute successful marketing campaigns, sell more products, and increase their profits.

Our bottom line - our goal - is to double, triple or quadruple your sales.

We look at some of the people, businesses and organisations that we have helped over the last few years, and how our advice has had a positive impact on the way their businesses have grown.

Are you going to become the next Rainmaker?

Lajina Masala
Lajina Leal from

Lajina Masala

When Lajina Leal began working alongside Rainmaker Chris Haycock, her business had plateaued to the point where she had become frustrated.

Her sole product was an amazing spice blend, created for customers to cook authentic, traditional Indian curries. And, oh boy, it was truly amazing!

Chris saw a unique opportunity to help Lajina to grow her business through strategic marketing activities designed to penetrate a wider, national base of customers.

In addition, Lajina's product range grew to include a wider variety of spices, accompanied with a new brand image and refreshed packaging that appealed to a wider audience.

The Challenge

Lajina was seeking help to grow her business. She had already established her brand locally, and was supplying products to local retailers.

Following her initial meeting and a breakdown of her current business model and strategy, Chris suggested a number of activities that resulted in a complete rebrand and the introduction of new, exciting products.

The Outcome

Since working with Chris to restructure and rebrand her business, Lajina has seen year-on-year growth, with new customers from all corners of the UK placing orders with Lajina Masala.

Her new "Curry Club" has been an extraordinary success, and has won rave reviews from many budding chefs who now have the skills (and recipes) to create amazing meals for their own families.

Goals Smashed

  • Complete rebrand
  • New product lines
  • Exciting new revenue streams
  • Growth in profit & sales
You took me from an Indian home cook to work with a national brand. I would have given up so long ago if it hadn't been for your support. I'm so, so excited for the future, thankyou Chris.
Lajina Leal, Lajina Masala

Doren Gabriel
Doren Gabriel from

Image 1st

Doren Gabriel founded his first photography studio in 2002. The studio was fully mobile and was housed inside a rusty white van which he purchased for only £500.

By the time Doren met with Bruce King, he had a studio in Central London and the majority of photographic work was as a mix of individual corporate headshots and glamour photographs. But Doren wanted to expand and to explore his possibilities with Bruce.

Today he manages IMAGE 1ST, motivates his team and is the driving force behind this creative and leading photography studio for business headshots, now with studios in London, Germany and the USA.

The Challenge

Doren was seeking sales and marketing advice to grow his business.

Together with Bruce, they undertook a detailed strategic marketing analysis to identify where the business was right then, the alternative strategies that could be utilised to drive the desired business growth, and in-depth coaching to improve selling skills.

The Outcome

The major opportunity identified was to focus the marketing activities on attracting larger organisations that would benefit from having all the key members of their team having professional headshots displayed on their websites and marketing literature, rather than targeting individuals and one-off sales.

That approach would also justify them setting up a temporary studio in the client's premises to photograph the whole team in one sitting, rather than all having to travel to Doren’s studios.

Doren also became brilliant at all aspects of selling his services, both over the telephone and face to face.

Goals Smashed

  • New, larger target market
  • Greater brand exposure
  • Major brands became clients
  • Significant growth in sales & profits
Bruce King is a sales genius! His advice has helped my company boost sales by over 50% in less than 3 months. His approach is practical, effective, and absolutely great value. If you are in business and you'd like to double your sales, then take it from me that Bruce is someone to have on your side.
Doren Gabriel, Image 1st

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