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What people say about Bruce and Chris - The Rainmakers

You're all lovely people... every single one of you!

If you are looking to get more customers with less effort, then simply do what chris says. A step up from all the rehetoric splatteree online.

Chris is the real deal who has experience and a heart of excellence and service. Thanks for all the wisdom.
Lee Bannister Testimonial

Lee Bannister Speaker & Coach

Bruce King really aggravates me because he delivers Sales Magic and dares to call it common sense! You will want to implement all his strategies and he makes that process so easy.

So treat yourself to a dollop of Bruce's common sense.
John Donnelly Testimonial

John Donnelly Past VP, The Institute of Directors

He is a true inspiration to so many and has a powerful story to tell. I am excited to see how his personal brand comes to the forefront of the marketing world and helps guide so many into a new way of doing business.
Shirley Palmer Testimonial

Shirley Palmer Mindset Master

It is said that, "if you can't explain something simply, you really don't understand it"; and this is what makes me believe that Chris is an absolute genius at what he does.

His ability to break down complex issues and think of creative digital marketing solutions on the spot, is commendable.
Neely Khan Testimonial

Neely Khan MD, Neely There

The insights and ideas Chris shared were priceless and helped me move forward with confidence.

If I was starting out again, I would do everything possible to have Chris in my corner for all my digital needs. The man is a powerhouse of digital knowledge.
Ray Khan Testimonial

Ray Khan Tech Entrepreneur & BBC Presenter

This is a coaching program everyone in Sales should undertake irrespective of their experience or position. It provides the ideal move from traditional face to face or workshop type coaching and training into the benefits of the digital age.
Patrick Downey Testimonial

Patrick Downey Founder & MD, Asia BDA Ltd

[Bruce] gives our sales team brilliant coaching and motivation on sales whether experienced professionals or sales rookies, and they love it.
Gemma White Testimonial

Gemma White CEO, COZI New York

Highly Recommended this guy is the real deal. If you're in business and your interested in generating more targetted leads for pennies on the pound then I highly suggest you follow Chris.
Matt WL Noronha Testimonial

Matt WL Noronha Coach and Mentor

Just a note to say how pleased we were with your recent coaching here at ITN. Sales have increased already and I know your emphasis on results will impact on revenues in this and future years.

Your innovative style and confidence has found its way into every part of the business and it's this which makes you so special. Your input has been to make us all feel very special and successful. Thank you Bruce.
Ciaran Fenton Testimonial

Ciaran Fenton ITN Archive

Most of all you're kind, real, deep, thoughtful, brave, honest and genuine. You've inspired me in pragmatic thinking and resolution focus and that there will be an answer, somewhere.

You might not realise, but professionally and personally you have helped shape me. Without you, I wouldn't be as in control and happy as I am at work and home.
Sara Owen Testimonial

Sara Owen Marketing Manager

Chris gave me the courage to write my best selling book system & I have another couple of things to run past him shortly. If you ever get the opportunity to work with him - just do it.
Susie Ellis Testimonial

Susie Ellis

You took me from an Indian home cook to work with a National brand. I would have given up so long ago, if it hadn't been for your support. I'm so, so excited for the future, thankyou Chris.
Lajina Leal Testimonial

Lajina Leal Founder, Lajina Masala

If you are thinking of working with Chris you can be guaranteed 100% that what he proposes, recommends and suggests is only what is needed.

[He] is the 'Michelin' star rated equivalent of a Marketer. Highly recommended.
Ahmed Khan Testimonial

Ahmed Khan E-Learning Solutions Provider

You deliver your message in a calm and objective way that really makes the audience involved. You are amazing and brilliant!

You are amazing and brilliant! Thanks for three great sessions in Sweden. You say things that I know work in real life. Because I've tried.

You really blew our socks off!
Joakim Sundell Testimonial

Joakim Sundell Vice President, Soderpalm Publishing

Bruce's advice has helped my company boost sales by over 50% in less than 3 months. Bruce King is a sales genius!

His approach is practical, effective and absolutely great value.

If you are in business and you'd like to double your sales then take it from me that Bruce is someone to have on your side.
Doren Gabriel Testimonial

Doren Gabriel MD, 1st Image Ltd

If you are looking for someone to make a real difference to your team's sales or negotiation skills you should speak to Bruce.Bruce is one of those people who makes an impact.

As a result of our work with Bruce we have made fundamental changes to our approach to client relationships and business development, with very positive results. These changes are now a core part of our culture.
Bill Fowler Testimonial

Bill Fowler Semple Fraser LLP Solicitors

Well worth joining and seeing for yourself!I have found Bruce's approach to be very effective. Each video message is intentionally short, simple and to the point.

The content-rich training is filled with practical advice with Bruce drawing from his vast personal experience. Well worth joining and seeing for yourself!
Olivier Carion Testimonial

Olivier Carion Business Mentor

Chris is humble in his approach and genuinely cares about the impact his work has; and the results speak for themselves.

Chris's technical expertise and ingenuity is second to none! However what I really like about Chris is his integrity and how he so freely shares his expertise with others.
CJ Sohal Testimonial

CJ Sohal Digital Marketing Strategist

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