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Why a website is absolutely essential for small businesses

By Chris Haycock | 25 June 2021

You don't have a website for your business? Are you crazy? Let me explain why having a website is absolutely essential.

A website can be your business lifeblood. In fact, they’re almost universally considered a big deal - not only to those starting small businesses, but for well-established businesses.

By trade, I’m a digital marketer, so everything I do requires me to market myself through digital - my portfolio of websites. It’s no surprise to find out that I’m going to tell you in this video tutorial that you absolutely MUST have a website.

Fair enough, I’m biased, because my business revolves around using the web. But why is it essential for all businesses, even the brick-and-mortar ones?

Surely you can get away without having one? Well, there are lots of reasons why they are essential. Let’s have a look at the reasons... one by one.

Why every small business needs a website

First, websites are sales tools. They are an effective way of hooking potential customers, in order to secure continuous and productive orders.

Your website is a way of letting digital speak to your current and future customers on your behalf, so you don’t need to repeat yourself every 5 minutes when you speak to a potential customer, or be available 25 hours a day.

Every time a customer visits your website there is a possibility that they will buy from you. That makes your website an incredibly valuable asset that you should not ignore. No wonder almost all businesses now have websites. It’s a no-brainer.

Websites are a powerful sales tool because they are fantastic for advertising your goods and services. They serve as a place where interested people can visit to find out more about you and your services, because there is no obligation, no worries, no pushy sales person waiting.

Websites are also one of the easiest ways to contact your business. It is the best avenue to hear about you, ask queries and see how your business works. And let’s face it, your website is much easier than visiting your business, writing or even making a phone call.

They also serve as a place where customers can find out about your opening hours, your history, your ethics, how dedicated your team are, and can even play a huge role in taking a visitor through the buying cycle towards becoming a customer.

And finally, a website is essential because it plays a huge part in increasing credibility. It will boost a customer's confidence in your business, your products, and your staff.

An effective website which consists of helpful information, well-written content, and clear contact details can heighten trust and reassurance. And this trust and reassurance can lead to an instant purchase or subscription. Why wouldn’t you want that?

Why would you NOT want this for your business?

A business website will also make your company more visible to customers, because it’s open 24/7 - at least if your customers can order and pay through your website.

That means you can do business anytime of the day - with just a click of the mouse.

Don't become left behind by your competitors who are seeing the value in creating a website for their business. Give your business a chance to blossom and thrive.

The secret recipe for any business is to establish yourself and earn the trust and confidence of your target market. The next is to unlock potential sales. These are all in the bag when you have an efficient website that will give you all this.

All you have to do is to go ahead and create it. You won’t look back.


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