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Why people buy and how to stop yourself being sold to

Why people buy and how to stop yourself being sold to

By Bruce King | 05 June 2022

I usually write about how to sell, and this blog post will also help you with selling. BUT more important it will teach you how NOT to be sold to. Just don't share this with your potential customers.

We all buy for emotional reasons, not logical reasons, although we'll often create logical reasons to justify our decision. And you've done this often.

=For example, did you ever go out and buy or were sold a new pair of shoes when you had plenty already and your favourite pair just needed a good polish? But you bought a new pair because you just love new shoes, and they make you feel good, or the salesperson told you, you look great in them?

Maybe you justified your decision with logic on the basis that if someone saw your expensive new shoes, you would create a better impression.

Did you ever buy a new car when there was nothing wrong with your current model, but the look, feel and smell of a new car really makes you feel wonderful, and the salesperson told you, you looked so impressive in the driving seat?


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Perhaps you justified your decision on the basis that a new, more expensive, luxury car, would impress your customers and they would be more likely to do business with you.

Why do we do this?

The answer lies in how the brain works. For the sake of simplicity, let's say the brain has just two parts. The emotional part and the logical part. And all decisions we make start in the emotional part because that's how our brains work.

If the emotion is strong enough then we'll usually ignore the logical part, and love and want are both strong emotional reasons for buying something.

So, how do we stop ourselves from being sold to?

We have to deliberately switch on the logical part of our brain, and we do this by asking ourselves a question. Something as simple as 'Do I really need or want these new shoes?' or 'Do I really need or want this new car?'

And the logical part of your brain will probably respond with a resounding 'NO!' and save you a lot of money.


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