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I'm just too busy to meditate!

I'm just too busy to meditate!

By Bruce King | 07 October 2022

Millions of business people and of course people from all walks of life, take up the practice of meditation, and almost all benefit from it, often massively. Yet ...

Millions of business people and of course people from all walks of life, take up the practice of meditation, and almost all benefit from it, often massively. Yet in spite of the benefits they experience, it is only a matter of time before meditation becomes one more thing they just don't have time for, almost a chore. And they stop!

I had the same challenge when I first started meditating, in spite of the fact I knew how much it helped me in so many aspects of my life and business. And then I found the solution to that challenge. It was really simple.

Instead of setting aside a specific time every day to meditate, I chose to meditate when I felt I needed and wanted to. That's radically different to how most people teach mediation. And sometimes that turned out to be two or three times a day which I had never done before.

Whenever I noticed I became distracted from my work, feeling stressed, anxious or just a bit vague and not in peak form, that was the time to take out five to ten minutes - that's all you need, to get my mind back into a more relaxed, natural and productive state.


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Here's how I meditate is so easy. Here's how to do it…

• Find a quiet place where you can be alone and undisturbed.

• Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Then breathe naturally. Keep one hand on your chest so you can feel your breath going in and out

• Then focus your attention on your heart and place your other hand over your heart

• Then just Breathe easily until you feel relaxed and quiet inside.

That's it! It's effortless, can be done in just a few minutes and the more you do it, the faster you get your mind into a perfect state for whatever else you need to do.



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