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Direct mail - are you making the most of the post?

Direct mail - are you making the most of the post?

By Chris Haycock | 15 June 2022

Die-hard marketers have been using it for decades, even though everyone else scarpered towards social media. Here's why you really should consider direct mail once again.

Digital fatigue is becoming a real crisis for business owners and marketers.

Bombarded with advertising messages 24 hours a day, it's no wonder consumers are becoming far less "click-happy".

In truth, they're fed up with being sold to at every turn on every digital medium. Me too, and I live and breathe this stuff!

Enter "direct mail". Or at least the resurgence of direct mail (DM).

Still the darling of traditional marketers, DM always outguns digital channels, smashing pay-per-click, influencer advertising, banner ads, and even email campaigns to smithereens.

If you're chuckling with glee at your 15% open rate on your email campaigns, then wait until you hear the open rate for DM...

50% or more! 🤯


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If I'm going to be pedantic, I'll even suggest the open rate is 100%. Let's face it, the recipient will have to pick the letter (or brochure/postcard/flyer) off their door mat, and decide whether to chuck it or keep it, based on what they see.

It's the only medium that almost guarantees being seen.

Direct mail is an activity that I used to do a lot of before I got into digital. I actually got pretty good at it too, selling strange products like random lottery number generators (the mechanical ones), pet health products, double glazing, and Formula One tickets!

I've decided to start capitalising on DM more in the coming months and years to counteract digital fatigue, and put my (and Bruce's) skills back into practice.

I'll be documenting and sharing my journey, lessons and techniques in The Rainmakers Club as I put the strategies to work.

As a marketing strategy, direct mail has never gone away. But it fell out of favour because digital was seen as "the hottest place to sell".

DM is making a comeback, because it works as well today as it did 20 years ago.

Some would argue its even more effective today. I don't know about you, but the amount of direct mail (ahem, "junk mail") I pick up off my door mat has dropped by a huge amount over the years.

Many see this as a foreboding sign. I see it as an opportunity.

The question is: will you take advantage and deliver a winning direct mail campaign any time soon? I hope you do.


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