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Why people sometimes don't buy from you

Why people sometimes don't buy from you

By Bruce King | 05 April 2022

TRUST in YOURSELF is everything in sales.

TRUST in YOURSELF is everything in sales.

You've learned how to handle almost every sales objection, concern or stall, or at least you should have. Let's face it, after a couple of months selling any product or service, you've probably most if not every sales objection you are ever likely to hear.

And you've learned here on The Rainmakers platform, various, hopefully no pressure ways of asking for the business, otherwise known in the sales profession as closing the sale.

To understand why people often do not buy from you, we must first take a step back and look at how people make a buying decision.


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People buy for EMOTIONAL reasons and sometimes they need logical reasons to make the decision. But that process always starts with EMOTIONS because that's how the brain works. All thoughts start in the emotional centre of the brain. And if the emotions are strong enough, logic goes straight out of the window. And that's where we want it because logical thinking creates internal dialogue in the brain, both for and against the buying decision.

So, here's the problem...

You may not totally and utterly trust that what you are going to say will overcome the objection, concern or stall, or close the sale, and your potential customer senses it. They see your lack of trust in yourself in the subtleties of your body language, how you speak, and they see it in your eyes and the expression on your face, no matter how you try to hide these. And TRUST is an EMOTION.

They just know you do not trust what you are saying and so they do not trust you. And people buy from people they like and trust.

The solution is simple...

If you know that what you are selling is absolutely right for your prospective customer, and you should not ever be selling something if you are not absolutely certain it is right, and you know how to overcome objections, concerns and stalls, and know how to ask for the business, TRUST yourself that you will win the sale and you will be trusted, and win it.


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