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Why are many of Bruce Kings Tutorials so short?

Why are many of Bruce Kings Tutorials so short?

By Bruce King | 12 November 2022

From the horse's mouth so to speak, Bruce explains:

Many times a year, and for over twenty years, I'm asked by companies and conference organizers around the world to present my one day and two day 'Double Your Sales Master Class.' It's action packed, content rich, and inspiring.

And the few people who do put most of what I teach them into practice, do go on to Double their sales - and often a great deal more!

But those few are the exception rather than the rule, because a one or two-day intensive program is not a great way to coach salespeople. In fact, the comment I hear most often when people come up to speak with me after the event and thank me for the day is:


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“That was great Bruce, I picked up one or two really great tips today”.

Only one or two great tips after 7 hours of intensive coaching!!!

But it's not so surprising because the best, the most effective way to improve your skills is to learn and implement just a little at a time, and ideally just a little every day, and put that into practice.

It's called Microlearning. It's scientifically proven to be a far more effective process, because it suits the brain's ability to learn short bursts of information, rather than being overwhelmed by large volumes of new information in one go - and forgetting most of it.

That's why my tutorials are so short. They focus on just one topic, I make them as simple as I possibly can to understand, and thousands of people have learned from me using this strategy and gone on to be superheroes in sales.

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