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How to boost your immune system

How to boost your immune system

By Bruce King | 04 November 2022

You can also use this practice to help achieve many more of your goals.

What many people do not know about me is that before I started my career in sales, for several years I was very involved in complimentary medicine - 'alternative' medicine as it was known in those days.

I qualified as a nutritional therapist and acupuncturist and studied and was deeply involved in various more esoteric practices around the subject of how to use the power of the mind to help control or cure various medical problems. These were so successful that I adapted and continued to use them in my sales career and especially when coaching my own sales teams to success.

I continue to use them whenever it is appropriate as part of my overall coaching strategies.

So, on to the main topic of boosting your immune system:

Q. What is the collective name for our species?

A. Human Beings.

Please note, Human BEINGS, not Human DOINGS.


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Doing follows the choice of being. We have to BE what we want to experience in the doing. If we want to experience health - we must choose to BE health. (Note I use the word HEALTH - NOT healthy and there is a reason for that).

Put in a slightly different way: Choosing to BE is the precursor to any doing that may result from that choice.

And it goes far deeper because BEING is something that must truly be a part of you. And, that's the easy part…

In order to BE health, all you have to do is put that BEING into your conscious and unconscious or subconscious mind. And to achieve that, you just have to say to yourself, several times a day - I AM HEALTH.

You can choose to do this at any time. If you practice meditation, you could incorporate this into your session.

If you do not meditate, just stop what you are doing maybe five or six times a day, every day. Take a few gentle breaths, relax and repeat several times, 'I AM HEALTH'.

As long as you are patient enough to keep it up until your mind accepts your choice, I GUARANTEE you will most definitely boost your immune system and gain numerous other health benefits.

You can also use this practice to help achieve many more of your goals.

To your best success in everything you choose to BE.


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