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A rarely-used marketing tactic that never fails

A rarely-used marketing tactic that never fails

By Chris Haycock | 22 May 2022

It's odd to think that while most business owners concentrate on the latest digital channels to market their products, they're also forgetting the most effective tactic of all.

Over the last 10 years, what marketing techniques do you think has resulted in the largest increases in profit for my business?

  • psychological copywriting?
  • aggressive marketing campaigns?
  • cold calling?
  • the latest 'funnel' software?
None of these.

What's worked the best - and will do for anyone - is to...

study the foundations of good, ethical marketing, and use your own unique personality to pitch your products.
That means discovering where your best customers are, and becoming part of their conversation.


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Step away from thinking solely about how to market your products, and think about how you can inject your own personality into your message.

No amount of pre-written sales scripts, marketing templates or software can replicate YOU.

Consumers are savvy. They've been exposed to all the tricks, and are getting wise to them.

To be honest, I love this. It means that us marketers have to move away from all the so-called 'magic pills' and think about reconnecting with our audience using the human touch.

Have a great message, and a brilliantly-designed campaign. But beneath it, don't forget how important YOU are. People are far more likely to buy when the message is delivered with a human personality, warmth and care.

Talk to people. Help them. Collaborate (nicely). Be yourself. Open up and talk about your ideas - no one is going to pinch your idea if you're hanging out in the right places.

And avoid the latest 'tricks and techniques' like the plague. They're lining other people's pockets, not yours.


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