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A game-changing question to ask yourself

A game-changing question to ask yourself

By Bruce King | 07 July 2022

You need more sales and more income, and you need them fast. But don't make this mistake.

Picture this situation.

You need more sales and more income, and you need them fast.

You have several meetings to follow up on to try and close more sales. And mostly what you are thinking about whilst preparing for the follow up calls is how to close the sale and get the money.



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But that's wrong!

For two reasons:

1. Closing the sale and getting the money is what will be on your mind, and that will likely reflect in how you prepare your follow up.

2. Your prospect will sense that's why you are following them up and are more likely to back off and refuse to buy.

Instead, ask yourself 'How will the customer benefit from doing business with me? What's in it for them?'

By preparing for your follow up with this question, you will create a more compelling story and approach and be focused on delivering more value for the customer.

That's what they want, and they have the money right now, not you!


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