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10 bad thoughts that don't belong inside your mind

10 bad thoughts that don't belong inside your mind

By Chris Haycock | 08 February 2022

Are you guilty of having bad thoughts inside your head?

Ten really bad thoughts that really don't belong inside your noggin.

1) "I'm not good enough."

Yes you are. There's only one of YOU, which makes you pretty damn unique. You possess stuff inside your head that no one else has. You are one in 7.7bn. That makes you truly amazing.

2) "I can't do it."

Yes you can. Thomas Edison doubted himself. So did Walt Disney, JK Rowling, Madonna, and countless others. Put it this way - I bet your kids think you can do it. Trust them, they're sometimes right!

3) "Somebody doesn't like me."

Who cares! That's their problem, not yours. If you have a good heart, then other people's opinions of you are irrelevant.

4) "I'll do it tomorrow."

Yeah, we all procrastinate, so don't worry. It only becomes an issue when you've put it off for longer than you can remember. Learn to seize the day and you'll achieve some truly amazing things. Carpe Diem.


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5) "I can cheat my way."

Sure, you can cheat, but it's a temporary shortcut that rarely lasts. If you want longevity and sustainability you'll need to get the job done properly.

6) "I'm not well connected."

Nor am I. But if you get out from behind your desk you'll be surprised who you meet. Go and talk to people you want to mix with, even if that scares the pants off you.

7) "I don't have the money."

I hear you. But where there's a will, there's a way. I didn't have a penny when I was homeless in London. You just need to find a way (there is always a way). It's there for the taking.

8. "I want what he/she's got."

Being green with envy is not a good look. Strive towards satisfying your own desires, and praise other people's hard work. Be happy for them, and let it inspire you, not anger you.

9) "I'm just in it for the money."

No probs. But have a backup for when you get bored of doing something your heart's not in.

10) "I don't have the skills."

The internet is a wonderful place to learn new skills for free. If you want to learn how to juggle pink kittens, you can. Probably.


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