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Sold to with my own closing sales strategy!

Sold to with my own closing sales strategy!

By Bruce King | 17 September 2022

A story short of how I was sold to with my own sales strategy!

James had booked an appointment with me after I expressed as interest in finding out more about his company's product having visited their website.

James was shown into my office at 9.30 am sharp yesterday morning. He was young (compared to me anyway), smartly dressed, and greeted me with a big smile and a firm handshake.

He opened our conversation with “Mr King, Happy New Year, I'm so pleased to meet you. I've always been a big fan of your work. Tell me, have you invited me in to place an order with me today?”


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I responded with “Hold on a minute James, I do have a few questions for you first!”

And then the penny dropped.

I realised he was using the 'closing sales on the hello' strategy that I teach in one of my sales coaching videos.

So I said “James, that's my 'closing sales on the hello' technique.”

And he said “Indeed it is Mr. King. And you said in your video it works much of the time, and I've used it often with great success'.

To cut a long story short - I bought, or rather I was sold to with my own sales strategy!


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