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Lack of success - it's not your fault?

Lack of success - it's not your fault?

By Bruce King | 29 September 2022

In 1997, Matt Damon and Robin William's movie Good Will Hunting hit our cinema screens. This brilliant movie made us laugh, cry, and above all else, one of the most poignant scenes in cinematic history ingrained into our memories one little phrase:


It doesn't make us laugh, it makes us feel. After all, we all want to be reassured it wasn't or isn't our fault.

Fast forward to 2022

So many of the salespeople I meet in the course of my work are telling me they are struggling to make contact with their prospects, are not making their sales quota, not earning the levels of income they anticipated and need to pay their bills, let alone maintain their lifestyle, and are just not enjoying their work any more.

Does that resonate with you too? If it does,


• It's not your fault that you never had any truly professional sales and marketing training


Join other small business owners who are benefiting from new sales & marketing skills.

• It's not your fault that your company only taught you how to tell your prospects about your product or service

• It's not your fault your sales manager has not been coached to coach and motivate you or just does not have the time

And if you run your own business, it's not your fault that the economic and political climate is forcing you to work so much harder and longer, and you just have not made the time to improve the most essential skills you need in business - the ability to market and sell more effectively.

So do not blame yourself or feel sorry for yourself; just make it YOUR responsibility to overcome these challenges.

And we've made it as easy as possible as we can for you…

• No travel expenses

• No overnight hotel accommodation expenses

• No sitting in a conference / training room for hours on end

• No dreadful coffee in the breaks

• No expensive training fees

• No time off from selling

In just ten to fifteen minutes each day, you can learn to overcome all your challenges and become the best you can possibly be. All you need is here in The Rainmakers.


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