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How I do SEO

How I do SEO

By Chris Haycock | 07 February 2022

Is link building dead? Of course not. Here's a simple way of discovering quality, authoritative links from third party websites.

Link building is dead, right? That's what we hear all the time.

Not true.

I'm often asked how I get 30-50,000 visitors a day from the search engines - for free.

It's all about links. Links are still incredibly important if you want to rank highly in the search engines.  But it's getting increasingly difficult to get them, especially from authoritative sites.  It's also increasingly hard to build links without appearing spammy.

Do you want 1,000 daily visitors to your website every day by the end of 2017?  Don't want to pay for this traffic?

It's all about link building, and it will only take half an hour of your time every day.

I’m going to reveal MY technique for getting a website from 0 to 1,000 visitors a day in 12 months.

How I build traffic from SEO - steps

Social media. I set up social media accounts, ensuring they all link to my website. I normally set up business pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest.  I'm considering Snapchat and Instagram too.

Directories.  There are good directories and bad directories. Some will hamper your SEO efforts, some will give you a boost.  The ones that are most valuable are:. I also pay a business to trickle-submit my sites to industry-related directories.

Press release.  Create a newsworthy press release and submit to ___. Your press release will often be picked up and featured on other sites.  Make it a good story.


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Govt open data.  A lot of my sites use data that is sourced from if you use this data you're allowed to submit your website as an example of a site that's using the data.

Reddit. Extreme care needed. Submitting a hot topic on Reddit can bring in tens of thousands of visitors in an incredibly short amount of time, but doing it in a spammy way can get you flamed.

RSS feed directories. These directories are great for listing links to your blog posts.

Banner exchange. Consider running a banner exchange with other related websites (that don't compete).

Blogger account. Even if I already have a blog section on my website I'll still consider a blogger account for the website.  It's Google-owned, so it has additional authority.

Find where competitors are placed.  Find out where your competitors are being linked from and approach them to see whether you can be listed as an additional resource.

Create a widget. If you have a helpful service and are technically minded then creating embeddable widgets for other sites can be a huge source of traffic.  For example, I created a widget for my road traffic service, which allows others to embed traffic updates into their websites. It's used by hundreds of websites (especially news and radio sites).

Buy links. Again, extreme care is needed, because this can land you in big trouble, and get you penalised.  By approaching authoritative websites you can offer to buy a link on their site as a review.

Chambers of commerce.  Many chambers of commerce sites have a member's directory where you can add your website address to.  These can be extremely powerful.


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