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Bruce King

The Rainmakers Club Founder

Sales & Marketing Growth Strategist

About Bruce King

Bruce King is recognised internationally as a leading sales, marketing and personal growth strategist and has addressed audiences and coached companies sales teams and managers in 23 countries.

Bruce has more than thirty years experience working with organisations from SMEs to major international companies and speaking to audiences around the world on the subjects of sales, marketing and achieving greater results in any area of their business and personal lives.

He studied with some of the world's top sales coaches and had an extremely successful and profitable career selling and managing sales teams for some of the UK's top companies.

After 25+ years in sales and sales coaching, I'm still as excited about sales as the day I made my very first sale, and I'm delighted to share my vital tactics and sales methodologies that will help you achieve an extraordinary increase in sales - fast!

Once you join The Rainmakers Club, you'll be able to tap into my knowledge, experience and skills at any time to help you grow your business.

Bruce King
The Rainmakers Club

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