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Chris Haycock

The Rainmakers Club Founder

Marketing Strategist

About Chris Haycock

Chris Haycock is the founder of CliqTo Media, and the brains behind successful online brands such as ZoomLocal, BritEvents, GDPRQuick, and StartPad.

Chris is a digital entrepreneur who has gone from homelessness to multiple-business owner from scratch.

As Managing Director of CliqTo Media, Chris has been responsible for building a number of successful online brands used by 1 in 6 of the UK population.

Since starting his first business - - in 2004, Chris has launched dozens of digital brands, and has gained a huge amount of experience in both digital and traditional marketing strategies.

As well as building and helping businesses, Chris can also be found 3,000ft in the sky, having passed his pilots licence in 2017.

I live and breath honesty, integrity and transparency in everything I do. The Rainmakers Club is no different.
-- Chris

Interesting Fact: Chris is responsible for the design and coding of The Rainmakers Club, and developed the whole platform from scratch, writing every line of code himself.

Once you join The Rainmakers Club, you'll be able to tap into my knowledge, experience and skills at any time to help you grow your business.

Chris Haycock
The Rainmakers Club

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