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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about The Rainmakers Club.

General questions

Frequently asked questions that are related to our website and The Rainmakers Club in general.

Bruce and Chris know that not everyone has the essential skills in Sales and Marketing to grow their business. So we built The Rainmakers - a platform where you can pick up valuable lessons, insights, tips, techniques and tools designed to help you pick up skills that every business owner needs.

Sales and marketing isn't just about watching videos, so we've included a whole host of other resources that accompany your membership, including downloads, white papers, cheatsheets, tools and guides. Oh, and of course... new for 2022 is our Raindeck, your three-step strategy for creating winning marketing campaigns.

We're going to be 100% honest with you. The Rainmakers Club isn't for everyone. We listened to (and researched) the concerns of hundreds of business owners - from CEOs of multi-national companies to small one-man-bands. Bruce and Chris chatted for hours on end who would benefit the most from our expertise, and we decided to concentrate our efforts into helping small business owners find the success they deserve. Unlike the large corporations we consult to, small, micro businesses just cannot afford our 1:1 consultancy fees and we believe you deserve all the help you can get. Our tutorials, resources and tools have all been designed specifically to help small businesses like yours who are desperate to learn, grow and prosper from effective sales & marketing training. Perhaps you're a solopreneur who's going it alone. Or maybe you have a small team of staff who are helping you to achieve your goals. The Rainmakers was built for YOU.

Yes - and no! You're free to dip in and out as much as you want at your own pace and leisure, because we know that as a business owner you've got enough on your plate. However, we offer weekly tasks that are designed to teach you the fundamentals of sales and marketing at your own speed, depending on how much time you have available. It's up to you to decide if you want to follow the tasks and goals. They're there to point you in the right direction.

To a degree, yes. Both Chris Haycock and Bruce King (The Rainmakers) will be there to answer any questions you may have about your sales and marketing strategy. However, bear in mind that we may not be able to dedicate a huge amount of time answering your questions and offering specific business advice. We need to share our available time between every member.

As soon as you join The Rainmakers, you'll understand the huge amount of work that's gone into our platform. We don't really think that trial memberships are particularly useful for anyone, including you. However, we've included some free tutorials and resources outside of the membership platform, including on this website and our social media pages. We feel that this is enough to reassure you of the value we are sharing with you as a member.

There aren't any certificates awarded for completing tutorials, because much of what Bruce and Chris teach go way beyond standard curriculum levels. As you progress through The Rainmakers, you'll be awarded points. We'll soon be introducing special bonuses for when you reach certain milestones. More details will be announced soon. Of course, the biggest bonus with The Rainmakers will be your bulging bank account.

The Raindeck questions

Questions that you may be asking about The Raindeck - our 3-deck strategy to create winning marketing campaigns.

The Raindeck is our exclusive bonus when you join The Rainmakers Club. It is a 3-deck strategy to brainstorm and launch highly successful marketing campaigns, and it's completely free when you take out a membership.

No problem. You don't have to take The Raindeck if you don't want it. However, if you change your mind further down the line then just head to The Raindeck section in the back-end, and complete the section with your address details so we can send it to you. Note: if you cancel your membership before claiming your free Raindeck we cannot send it to you.

Sorry to hear this. We're diligent when it comes to packaging the Raindeck. However, accidents can happen so you can return it within 7 days to get a free replacement.

Membership questions

Questions related to your membership and account after you've joined The Rainmakers Club.

That'll never happen. Bruce and Chris will be recording and releasing new tutorials each month forever. Sales and marketing is a huge topic, and we've got almost 5 decades of experience, skills and knowledge that we want to share with you.

No problem. Whilst we're confident that you'll pick up a massive array of sales & marketing skills whilst as a member of The Rainmakers, we understand that you may want to cancel. We offer a no-quibble guarantee that you can cancel your membership at any time - no questions asked. You can do this in two ways - either cancel your membership through our website, or just cancel the direct debit. Either way, we guarantee we won't pester you.

No. You're free to cancel at any time. Whether you want to use The Rainmakers for a couple of months to brush up your skills, or carry on as part of our community indefinitely, that's completely up to you.

Let's chat about it...

Schedule a no-obligation call with The Rainmakers Club team, tell us about your business and your biggest problem. We'll give you our advice and honest feedback if membership would work for you.

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