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Staying motivated and productive working from home

Staying motivated and productive working from home

If you're planning to return to a formal place of work and giving up on home working, this doesn't apply.

But if you're planning on continuing to work from home, then like a lot of people we know, you may have struggled and continue to struggle to stay motivated and productive.

One of our Members came up with a really unusual strategy to overcome his difficulties with home working.

James gets up every morning at the time he used to get up to travel to the office.

He showers, changes into his usual business dress and walks to the station as he always did. On arrival at the station, he turns around and walks back home and into the small space he had set up as a home office. His journey to work!

He starts work at 08.45 sharp, takes a coffee break at 10.45 and takes 45 minutes for lunch.

He eats the sandwich and apple he had packed earlier before he left home, takes a brisk walk around the block and is back at his 'desk' and works through until 17.00 with the occasional coffee break and a chat with colleagues on Zoom.

He then tidies his desk, leaves his home and takes the same journey to and from the station that he had done earlier that day. When he arrives home, he kisses his partner hello, chats about his day and changes into his casual clothing.

We're not suggesting you need to do this, but it works really well for James and encompasses all the following tips for staying motivated working from home.

ONE: Have a routine. James certainly does and uses the identical routine he followed when working from his office.

But you don't have to. You'll no doubt know by now that there are times in the day when you work better at certain tasks. So, build your routine around your 'best' times.

As for me, I'm at my most creative from 05.00 to 08.00, so that's the time I set aside for the creative side of my work.

TWO: Have a dedicated workspace. Somewhere you won't be disturbed, although we appreciate that's not possible for everyone.

THREE: Get some exercise first thing. Exercise floods the body with a bunch of natural chemicals and lifts your spirits and your energy levels. James gets his exercise walking briskly to the station.

And another thing James does every day because he knows:


He invests twenty minutes first thing in the morning, every morning, in his 'office' studying tutorials in The Rainmakers.


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